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Change Log:
V 1.3.3 (30 August 2013)
  • Fix bug: Old version of SimPB data file is not able to import to SimPB v1.3.x
  • Fix bug: SimPB will crash if when importing from empty data source (no rows)
V 1.3.2 (12 August 2013)
  • Fix a bug where the symbol of single quote "'" cannot be accepted in any input.
  • Fix a bug where the program fail to run on certain client's computer.
V 1.3.1 (11 August 2013)
  • Fix a bug where during import from CSV, 1st character of the 1st record of every row will miss out.
  • During fields matching in import, restrict user from matching the same target field twice.
  • Enhance data searching experience at main page.
V 1.3
  • Added new fields: Home Tel, Work Tel, Mobile Tel, Address, Email, Fax
  • Fields can be turn off if not needed.
  • Feature of multi-language user interface support is dropped.
  • Easy contact searching.
  • Able to export and import from Microsoft Excel, CSV.

  • How can I know if there is a new release/update of this program?

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